Stewart Beach

Stewart Beach

Hot summer days are back in Texas! And it’s time to plan summer trips and activities. We can not engage kids all day inside the four walls of our house. During the summer season in Houston, afternoons are way too hot and you can not spend the day outside. As we were thinking of summer activities, suddenly Pakhi said, “Let’s go to a beach!.” We were looking for a nice family beach nearby and Stewart Beach, Galveston came on my Google search.

While we were discussing our options, Pakhi came to me again and said, “I have packed all my sand toys and I am ready!” So we decided to go to the Stewart Beach after seeing good reviews from families who have already been there. Also, it’s just a two-hours drive from our place.

Stewart Beach Park

Stewart Beach is Galveston’s premier family beach park. It is located where the historic Broadway Avenue meets the Seawall. The Beach offers plenty of amenities for a day at the beach as well as regular supervision of highly trained lifeguards. The park is home to a pavilion, concessions, restrooms, showers, chair and umbrella rentals, beach volleyball courts, children’s playground and more.

Alcohol is not permitted at Stewart Beach.

It can get pricey with the umbrellas etc – but they have decent showers and parking is convenient. It is a really nice beach if you’re going with your kids and want an easy beach access.

A Day on the Beach

We started at around 2 PM and reached around 4 pm. The beach closes at 7 PM, so we had a good 3 hours to enjoy the beach. For a few dollars to park, you have a great beach with plenty of resources to make your visit comfortable.

Kicking the waters

Kicking the waters

We did not rent chairs and umbrella as we had brought our own beach chairs and we mostly stayed in the water. The sand was soft and Pakhi had a blast playing in the sand and among the waves.

Unlike Miami Beach which I visited last year(read more here), the water here is kind of brown and muddy. But it is good enough for someone who is looking for a quick beach experience near Houston. The beach is comparatively clean unlike other beaches of Galveston where you can get more sea weeds instead of soft sand to play with. As Houston is an oil capital, you can also see oil container ships on the horizon.

The water is brown and muddy

The water is brown and muddy

There were a fair number of people there, but it didn’t feel overly crowded. We enjoyed swimming, making sand castles, and playing among the waves. And the good thing was that the bathroom and shower area was clean – you definitely need a good shower place to clean yourself after beach activities. We really enjoyed the day at Stewart Beach.

Stamping her name on the shore

Stamping her name on the shore


Again, you can’t compare this beach with the other popular beaches around the country, but you can definitely spend some quality time with your family. If you live in Houston or nearby and want to escape from summer, you will definitely feel relaxed and refreshed after spending a day with your family on this beach. And don’t forget to pack your sun block, sun glasses, beach gear and sand toys if you have kids!

More Information

If you are visiting or staying in any nearby places of Galveston or Houston and looking for a family day out on beach then I would recommend you to take a look at the official website before you visit.

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