I am happy to announce that, on 16th July we have been blessed with a baby girl. We named her “Pakhi” – which is Bengali for “bird”. From the top of her head to the toes on her feet, she is perfect and so sweet.



We have been married for three years when Pakhi was born, so we were used to of being just the two of us. I can tell you that she definitely brought changes in our lives since then. As I am writing this post she already completed more than a month in our world. I am really enjoying each and every day with her in spite of some tougher moments of motherhood.

Motherhood is an entirely a new experience and sometimes it becomes very challenging when you are very new to this league.

For the last one month, we actually did not get a good night sleep and have been over exhausted. I was told so many things about parenting by my friends and family like the never-ending night feeds, the constant nappy changes etc. For me, these early days of parenthood are tough – sometimes I want to cry, want to run away and question every decision I have ever made.

But the truth is, being a mother is a great experience and watching your baby grow day by day is the greatest joy one can have. I have realized that when you become a mother, you start putting your child first before everything else.

On the other hand, motherhood comes with its own challenges. Sometimes you have to stretch yourself beyond any and all limits you’ve put upon yourself. It’s entirely up to you how you handle those challenging moments. Sometimes you definitely feel overwhelmed and tired. But at the end, you will cherish those moments with your kids.

Life is great, but life is even better once you have been blessed to become a mother!.


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Abha Mondal

I am a simple woman from India who wants to live every moment of her life as it comes. I believe in taking every chance I get in life because some things only happen once.

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