After our delightful experience of Disney world (read more here), it would have been a crime to return back to Houston without visiting Miami Beach. We had read so much about the beach and its beautiful turquoise water! One of the things we did not know was “Miami Beach” is a city and not just the beach! It is separated from the Miami city by Biscayne Bay. We decided to stay in Miami as the hotels in Miami Beach are way too expensive.

Collins Ave at Miami Beach

Collins Ave at Miami Beach

The Drive

Miami is about four hours drive from Orlando. On our last day in Disney World, we visited Epcot and left for Miami in the evening. We were all tired from the five-day vacation in Disney World, but our enthusiasm kept our spirits alive. We reached the hotel in Miami well before midnight. As we already had our dinner on the way, as soon as we checked in, we jumped on the bed and slept like logs.

Miami Beach

The next morning, we woke up at 11:00, had our breakfast and left for Miami Beach. The drive to Miami beach in itself is delightful. As you reach Miami Beach there is a long bridge which gives a spectacular view of the Biscayne Bay – the bay that separates Miami and Miami Beach.

We parked our car in a parking lot in the South Beach and decided to enjoy the neighborhood on foot. This neighborhood of Miami has everything we’ve heard about like sun-kissed beaches, blazing nightlife and Art Deco architecture. When in Miami Beach, you will never get tired of wandering the streets and wondering on the beautiful architecture of the buildings, each one brimming with personality. Late afternoon strolls are even better when the golden light is mesmerizing.

South Beach

Fun at Miami Beach

Fun at Miami Beach

After a brief stroll, we went straight for the beachside. The beach is unlike anything I have ever seen in my life! It is a gorgeous beach with white sand and pretty turquoise water. As luck would have it, my husband forgot to charge the camera battery at night and our camera died on us. I was very disappointed thinking that we won’t be able to capture the beach on camera. But the family which was traveling with us was kind enough to lend their camera to us for a while.

As soon as we rented an umbrella and a chair, we slipped into our bathing suits and ran towards the water. Pakhi was the first one to jump into the water. The water was cold and when she had enough of it, she started collecting the seashells.

You can also bring your own umbrella and chairs etc and setup anywhere you like there is no restriction on that.

The next obvious thing to do was to make sand castles. Pakhi really enjoyed all the activities by the sea shore!

Making Sand Castle at Miami Beach

Making Sand Castle at Miami Beach

We wanted to do paragliding next, but by the time we reached there, we could see a huge storm coming our way. In no time it started raining like anything and we had to give up our plan of paragliding. We changed out of our bathing suits and decided to explore nearby areas.

We wandered on the streets for the next few hours, explored shops and bought some souvenirs. I wish we had more time as I wanted to visit and do so much more on the beach!

South Miami

South Miami


Although it was a short trip, I really loved this place. I must say if you want to enjoy thoroughly then you must have a few days in your hand to feel this city. The city has so may attractions and we surely missed a lot of them. I would definitely recommend taking a long vacation for this. For us, we will definitely plan another visit soon.

More Information

I would recommend you to visit this site if you are planning a vacation here:

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